Slim Extra

Slim Extra helps the body burn abdominal fat. It promotes a healthy cellular metabolism. The active ingredients in Slim Extra trigger an enzyme, which specifically helps to reduce belly fat by using this fat for cellular energy production, while reducing unwanted abdominal fat.


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    Gynostemma Pentophyllum for weight loss

    From its scientific name Gynostemma Pentophyllum, Jiaogulan is a perennial climbing plant of the cucurbitaceae family. This close cousin of the cucumber is well known for its many medicinal virtues, including weight loss. It was in the 1970s that Jiaogulan began to make a name for itself in China where it was named "herb of immortality" or "immortality tea". 

    Also called South Ginseng, also helps to lose weight. It is both safe and natural. It will help the body to eliminate and assist the mind to accept and live the change with good serenity. 

    Components of Gynostemma Pentophyllum or Jiaogulan

    Gynostemma Pentophyllum contains many chemical components.

    • Heterosides: these are chemical components of the dammaran group. They include gypenoside LXIX, gylongiposide I, gypenoside XLVIII and vitexin ;

    • Allantoin: is also a chemical component, intended to soften and soothe the body it touches. It is a highly prized ingredient in the field of cosmetics;

    • Amino acid ;

    • Vitamins and mineral salts. 

    Medicinal properties of Gynostemma Pentophyllum

    Strengthen the cardiovascular system

    Gynostemma Pentophyllum is particularly renowned for its benefits on the cardiovascular system. It is used for this purpose in phytotherapy, through its components which are exceptional. Jiaogulan leaves incorporate an average of 82 saponins, along with amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts. This combination helps to maintain blood pressure. Then, as the balance is established, the whole metabolism is transformed. When nitric oxide is released by the plant, it consolidates in the body and therefore also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

    Strengthen the immune system

    By consuming Gynostemma Pentophyllum, a person also helps their body produce more white blood cells. These white blood cells will in turn help the body double its defenses in case foreign bodies, diseases or bacteria try to enter the body.

    A regular consumption of Gynostemma Pentophyllum would help to fight against many diseases and more particularly small common ailments such as flu, colds and fevers. 

    A source of energy for the body

    Jiaogulan has said that it shares some properties with Ginseng. Saponins are precisely one of them. These saponins are known for their energizing and invigorating properties. When a person is tired, they can take an infusion of Gynostemma Pentophyllum in the absence of Ginseng. Especially since it should be noted that Jiaogulan is much easier to cultivate. 

    Stimulates brain capacity

    The Gynostemma Pentophyllum can boost the body at the physical level. But that's not all, as it is also known to strengthen cognitive functions. By acting on the brain, it improves reflexes and memory. To this end, people who regularly consume Gynostemma Pentophyllum can boast of being able to process and manage different information at the same time. As this aspect develops, the lifestyle brings serenity and control to the person over these daily activities. 

    Powerful antioxidant

    Gynostemma Pentophyllum also slows down the oxidation process caused by free radicals. To this end, it reduces the rate of aging of the body's cells. 

    The principle is as follows: for its proper functioning, the organism activates certain cells in our body. This activation occurs through the phenomenon of oxidation. On the other hand, the more our body undergoes this oxidation, the more it accelerates towards premature aging. The antioxidants contained in Gynostemma Pentophyllum will help slow down this aging process. At the same time, they will also help prevent many diseases. 

    Useful on a daily basis

    The Jiaogulan helps our organism to remain calm and serene, and thus to adapt to all the circumstances of daily life, even stress, whether physical or psychological. By accompanying the vitality, defenses and cognitive functions, automatically, the plant helps to boost our motivation. 

    How will the Jiaogulan act to help weight loss?

    The herb of immortality, or South Ginseng also helps to lose weight. It is both a safe and natural method. It will help the body to eliminate and assist the mind to accept and live the change with good serenity. 

    With Jiaogulan, weight loss occurs through several synergistic mechanisms, including the activation process of AMPK.

    1. Activating the AMPK 

    Thanks to certain studies, it was discovered that Gynostemma Pentophyllum made it possible to activate an enzyme: AMPK. AMPK is a protein enzyme that can be defined as a "metabolism switch".  

    In the context of weight loss, the activation of AMPK is intended to accelerate the metabolism when the energy supplied to the body is sufficient. Thus, AMPK will signal the body to start spending, instead of storing energy. 

    2. Blocking the absorption of cholesterol

    Gynostemma Pentophyllum also allows the body to inhibit the absorption of excess cholesterol.

    Thus all lipid molecules are eliminated when they are no longer used by the body to provide energy or to form substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

    3. Reducing blood glucose levels

    Gynostemma Pentophyllum also helps with weight loss as the plant allows the body to lower blood sugar levels. It should be known that in more than 70% of cases, obesity is a consequence of hyperglycemia.


    Ingredients : C.J.R. (2 capsules/ d)

    * Gynostemma Pentaphillum (95.00% gypensides): 1000.00 mg

    Other ingredients : Oryza Sativa (rice), Sicilium dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose. Envelope: HPMC


    60 capsules per package.

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