LifeSpan Plus  

The laboratory specializing in cell regeneration technology

We are in the era of stem cell genesis and recombinant DNA.

LifeSpan Plus is specialized in the development of innovative solutions based on recombinant DNA biotechnology.

LifeSpan Plus is primarily dedicated to the manufacture and sale of products, treatments and technologies that naturally stimulate the body's cellular regeneration to live better, longer and healthier lives.  

Our Product Ranges

Rejuvenating Care
Rejuvenating Care

Discover our set of treatments created by Dr. René Paris to offer you a toned and younger looking skin.

Thanks to our various rejuvenating treatments, act now to make the signs of aging disappear.

Anti-Hair Loss Care
Anti-Hair Loss Care

Hair Regrowth Serum is an advanced treatment for hair loss.

Thanks to the anti-hair loss products, you will enjoy a fuller head of hair in optimal condition.

Rejuvenating Products
Rejuvenating Products

Discover our food supplements that will provide your body with the elements it needs.

Thanks to our range of rejuvenating products, regain all your energy and vitality.

The core of Lifespan Plus technology

Ydrogen 20

Discover the new technology combining hydrogenated water and molecular hydrogen to offer you even more benefits.

Ydrogen2O is a bottle that gives you anti-oxidizing water thanks to its hydrogen generator. Drinking hydrogenated water is ideal to prevent aging.

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