LifeSpan Plus

Le laboratoire spécialiste de la régénération cellulaire

We live longer but often sick. In fact, some chronic diseases occur earlier and earlier. The best way to prepare to stay physically and mentally healthy is through prevention. 

Poor diet, smoking but also a sedentary lifestyle are all the more risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diseases of civilization... 

It becomes essential to act on the risk bills and this is precisely where regenerative medicine makes sense.

Our Regenerative Therapies Aim At 

maintain intellectual functions

(memory, concentration, reflection...) 

act on the signs of aging


Our Mission Statement

  • LifeSpan Plus' mission is to provide products and services to help people live better, longer and healthier lives. 

    Thus, the technology used naturally stimulates the cellular regeneration of the organism.

  • LifeSpan Plus specializes in the development of innovative solutions based on recombinant DNA biotechnology.

Our Commitments

  1. Efficient and fast results

  2. Tested and certified results

  3. Formulas designed in the laboratory by professionals

In our laboratory, we research and develop biotechnology-approved formulas for anti-aging and anti-hair loss treatments.

We manufacture pharmaceutical quality products for the care and fight against skin aging.

The formulations of our products are based on a system of encapsulation of the active ingredients. Thus, they penetrate quickly and deeply under the skin without losing their effectiveness.

What is LifeSpan-Plus, by the way?

This is the story of 2 doctors and 2 scientists, who find that life is too short. They firmly believe that aging is not a fatality, and that we can not only stop aging but also get younger, and they have proven it! 

To rejuvenate by giving life to your years and years to your life, you need a vision, a plan, a team ... hence the creation of HIRO (Health Institute of Regeneration and Optimization) - Hiro Care ou 

Our Cosmetic Expertise

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, LifeSpan designs its products to fight skin aging at the source. We act on the skin's most precious cells: stem cells.


The regenerating care line of Dr. René Paris is a new generation of high-performance cosmetic products on cell regeneration. The products considerably improve the regenerative capacity of the connective tissue. The result: deep skin rejuvenation is achieved with proven effectiveness.   
We create the cosmetics of the future in respect of the fundamental cycles of Nature. If it inspires us daily, our products are made by engineering.