Is hydrogenated water the basis of all medicine?

Regular consumption of hydrogenated water can provide major health benefits. So does that mean it can be the basis for any medical treatment?

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Neutralizing excess free radicals keeps our skin looking younger longer.
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When spelt turns brown, it is like when iron rusts, it oxidizes. We don't want our cell membranes to be exposed to this process.

What is hydrogenated water?

Hydrogenated water must be purified water to which molecular hydrogen (H2) has been added. This can be done by infusing hydrogen gas, via a special form of electrolysis, or by dissolving "effervescent tablets" into the drinking water. The amount of molecular hydrogen(H2) is often expressed in mg per liter or parts per million (ppm). 

Hydrogen is the smallest bioavailable and most energy-rich molecule we know of. Many people know the gas formed byhydrogen combined with oxygen as a dangerous gas, because when ignited, it burns at an extremely high temperature and forms water vapor (H2O). 

The energy yield of combustion is 34.2 Kcal/g, while gasoline and long-chain fatty acids give only about 10 Kcal/g. Sugar and protein, on the other hand, give no more than 4 Kcal/g.

The hydrogen molecule has two free electrons that can neutralize free radicals, with water (H2O) being the end product. One of the fundamental effects of drinking hydrogenated water is its ability to counteract inflammation in the body. The health effects have been proven in clinical trials and controlled trials.


Basic characteristics of molecular hydrogen

  1. Anti-inflammatory (whole body)
  2. A antioxidant selective
  3. Supports natural gene expression
  4. Control allergies
  5. Fight against cell death (healthy cells)
  6. Fights the aging process
  7. Reduces pain
  8. Protects skin
  9. Increases metabolism
  10. Regenerates other antioxidants
  • Fights muscular fatigue
  • Reduces the production of lactic acid during physical effort
  • Fight against diabetes
  • Counteracts the growth of cancer cells
  • Positively influences our ability to think and our intellectual and mental performance
  • Helps protect DNA and RNA
  • Combating radiation damage 
  • Non-toxic in any amount and with no known side effects

Other known effects of H2

Daily consumption of pure hydrogen peroxide has been shown to 

  • improves mood, 

  • promotes weight loss (for those who need it), 

  • reduces blood sugar levels, 

  • fights cancer,

  • protects the brain, 

  • promotes the proper functioning of the eyes and joints, makes the skin smoother, 

  • fights muscular fatigue, 

  • increases longevity, 

  • promotes the healing of wounds and

  • contributes to a better acid/base balance in the body. 

More and more athletes are drinking hydrogenated water to enhance their athletic performance. Positive health effects are seen on almost every major organ in the body, such as the brain, eyes, lungs, liver and heart.

The effects of hydrogen are being studied

Numerous health andmolecular hydrogen studies report numerous beneficial effects that hydrogenated water would have on health.

  • Reduction of muscular fatigue during intensive training.

  • Reduction of oxidative stress after radiotherapy.

  • Positive effects on people with insulin resistance.

  • Positive effects on people with type 2 diabetes.

  • May have a preventive effect on Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders.

  • May have a positive effect on mood.

  • Has anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Contributes to a better conversion of energy and therefore to a reduction in weight.

  • May help protect mitochondria and increase ATP production.

  • Daily washing of the face in hydrogenated water significantly reduces the extent of wrinkles within 3 months.

  • Contributes to a faster healing of wounds.

  • Can counteract an overactive bladder.

  • Regular consumption of hydrogenated water can bring major health benefits. So does this mean that it can be the basis for any medical treatment?

  • Can counteract hair loss.

  • May reduce allergic reactions.

  • May help reduce the effects of intoxication.

How to take in more molecular hydrogen

You can drink and bathe in hydrogenated water or inhale hydrogen gas. Availability and price may be a limitation for most of us. 

For practical purposes, the simplest and most sensible way is to drink hydrogenated water. You can buy a hydrogen bottle (quality and functionality are important) or a hydrogen machine that you connect to a water filter or let it draw purified water from a container. The advantage of the latter is that it has no delay and produces as much hydrogenated water as you want.

The production of hydrogenated water

If you don't see microbubbles in the water, the system is not producing hydrogen gas. There are essentially 2 variations (there are many ways to produce hydrogen) of hydrogen water generators on the market.

1. The best/most secure.

Professional hydrogen water generators produce hydrogen gas (H2) which can emit electrons and is an antioxidant. The waste gases (residual chlorine, ozone, oxygen, etc.) are separated and not mixed with the water. They feature a PEM (proton exchange membrane) that is capable of releasing H2 into the water.

2. Goods that require totally clean water (well purified).

These generators use a simpler form of electrolysis that separates, produces and releases hydrogen gas into the water. It also works very well and is the same hydrogen (same quality), but it is with these machines even more important that the water is completely clean (use a filter before production).

3. Useless Machines.

Many people want to sell hydrogenated water and claim, for example, that so-called ionization machines are hydrogen machines. Most of these machines split water molecules and produce mainly OH-, a hydroxyl radical, an oxidant and NOT an antioxidant like H2, but also hydrogen gas. This assumes that there are minerals present in the water (for example, we don't want extra calcium in the water).

The ionization machines simultaneously make alkaline (high pH, basic) water, which is not recommended for several reasons. Manufacturers often advertise a negative oxidation-reduction potential high (-ORP), but this reduction potential has no antioxidant effect, unlike the negative electrical potential ofpure hydrogen. On a simple measuring device (an ORP meter), similar results (negative ORP) can apparently be obtained, but it is essentially what caused the negative ORP that is explained.

Focus on the effectiveness of hydrogenated water

You can drink as much pure hydrogenated water as you like.

If you do not have a water purifier or filter system, you MUST boil the water and cool it before hydrogenating or the chlorine compounds in the water may destroy its positive effects. Thehydrogen machines do not affect the pH of the water, but contribute to an increase in the actual negative reduction potential (-ORP).

One trick is to use the "push method," because hydrogen is usually produced in the gut and there is always free hydrogen in the blood. If you take a large glass of freshly made hydrogenated water and drink it quickly (not cold, at room temperature), you get high levels of H2 in the blood which then immediately neutralizes the oxidative stress at the cellular level at high speed! This is probably the most effective way to use hydrogenated water.

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