Vitamine C Liposomale +

Vitamin C liposomal + is a liposomal liquid vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C + helps to reduce stress and regulate mood and strengthen immunity.

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    Details about Liposomal Vitamin C

    Essential to the functioning of the body, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin initially sensitive to heat and light. Destroyed from 60 degrees, its fragility requires an adapted and specific conditioning.

    La vitamine C liposomale, c’est une vitamine C liquide présentée sous sa forme liposomée qui est utile en cas de différents troubles du bien-être et de l'organisme. 

    • le stress, la fatigue, l’angoisse, la perte de mémoire, l’humeur triste ;

    • le système de défenses naturelles ;

    • un soutien contre les troubles et problèmes divers ;

    • du point de vue général pour la remise en forme, la détoxication, la chélation puisqu’il fait office d’antioxydant.  

    The human body is unable to produce vitamin C. It is not synthesized. In addition, the body does not store the vitamin. For normal functioning, the body must absorb a defined amount of vitamin C, mainly through a balanced diet, but also through dietary supplements in doses adapted to personal needs.

    Currently at least one third of the population (even in good health) is believed to be deficient in vitamin C. A daily dose of 2 g of vitamin C provides a state of general well-being and good resistance of the organism. Consumption of 2 to 4 g per day leads to improved physical and intellectual performance and increased longevity. In case of severe and marked problems, the intake should be increased considerably.

    Foods rich in vitamin C

    • Goyave avec 228 mg par 100 gr ;

    • Cassis avec 181 mg par 100 gr ;

    • Persil frais avec 133 mg par 100 gr ;

    • Chou vert frisé cru avec 120 mg par 100 gr ;

    • Kiwi avec 92,7 mg par 100 gr ;

    • Cresson cru avec 69 mg par 100 gr ;

    • Brocoli avec 64,9 mg par 100 gr.

    Don't skimp on citrus fruits, strawberries and different types of cabbage. A varied and balanced diet will reduce fatigue by increasing the immune system. Bioavailability in food is sometimes not sufficient to make up for deficiencies. In fruits and vegetables, other nutrients present could influence the assimilation of the vitamin, unbalancing the necessary ratio. Daily intakes of vitamin C sometimes seem necessary.

    The actions of Liposomal Vitamin C

    • Vitamin C to fight against stress

    It is now known that stress is one of the most deleterious factors in general health. It can cause, among other things, attention disorders and concentration difficulties due to a decrease in the production of substances that are essential to the body's proper functioning.

    Vitamin C helps maintain balance and homeostasis. With the stress, tension and difficulties of daily life, the need for vitamins and minerals is not always met because the body eliminates these substances too quickly by natural means. This is how deficiencies develop, which then open the door to further difficulties.

    Dans ces cas-là, la vitamine C présente dans l'alimentation n'est alors plus suffisante, surtout pour les femmes enceintes ou les personnes, stressées et en épuisement.

    • The essential vitamin against mood disorders

    Mood disorders, sadness, lack of energy and drive may all be related to a lack of vitamin C since studies prove that this vitamin is fundamental in every way.

    The depression would be a result of a deficiency in ascorbic acid. One of the first symptoms of scurvy, this mental distress can be cured by a natural vitamin C cure.

    • Effective supplementation against memory loss

    La vitamine C contribue à la protection des agents extérieurs agressifs et au bon état des organes qui assurent toutes ces fonctions de mémoire.

    Vitamin C has the particularity of dissolving the amyloid plaques that accumulate in the brain during Alzheimer's disease. Liposomal vitamin C accompanies the individual suffering from memory disorders while protecting him/her from the drifts of Alzheimer's disease.

    • The queen of vitamins to defend the body

    The elements that defend our body contain a lot of vitamin C. It is therefore easy to understand that a lack of vitamin C can affect their quantity and effectiveness.  Vitamin C therefore improves the body's resistance to infection by activating immune responses in lymphocytes.

    • L'antioxydant idéal

    Multi-purpose antioxidant: this is one of its best known effects: it protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin C is therefore the cornerstone of antioxidant actions, which are exerted at several levels. The vitamin absorbs the free radicals responsible for premature aging. To this end, it limits the damage (cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cataracts, etc.) resulting from oxidative stress.

    • La vitamine détoxifiante

    Antitoxic: It participates in the neutralization of certain pollutants such as: Chelation by helping to trap certain metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum ..., it participates in their elimination.

    • Vitamin C against allergies

    L’histamine est responsable des phénomènes allergiques. Faire le plein de vitamine C, c’est limiter cette sensibilité à l’histamine.

    • Indications in case of cancer

    To limit the risk of cancer, it is advised to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. The actions of this vitamin are potentially active in limiting the damage related to the disease :

    • stimulation des défenses immunitaires qui pourront lutter les cellules malignes naissantes ;

    • renforcement du tissu conjonctif empêchant la migration des cellules malignes vers les tissus ;

    • affaiblissement des cellules malignes : la vitamine C remplace le glucose dont les cellules raffolent ;

    • protection des cellules saines ;

    • synergie positive en chimiothérapie ;

    • synergie positive en radiothérapie.

    Pour ces indications thérapeutiques, il est conseillé de prendre la vitamine C liposomale à raison de 5mg, 3 fois par jour.

    • The additional benefits of vitamin C

    • Elle agit en synergie avec la vitamine E (soluble dans les graisses). 

    • Hydrosoluble comme le glutathion, elle a une grande affinité pour celui-ci, par conséquent elle participe à son recyclage et à sa régénération. 

    What are the advantages of liposomal technology?

    The vitamin C conditioned under vegetable capsules is absorbed in the small intestine. With the technique of liposomal encapsulation, the active principle is directly active in the heart of the cell. It will therefore be effective even in the case of digestive diseases or damaged intestinal mucous membranes.

    We hear more and more about "Liposomal" technology. Other terms such as or "Lipospheric" or encapsulation are also used to qualify these new products protected by a phospholipid envelope. Whether vitamin C or glutathione, the active ingredients are encapsulated in the heart of a lipidic envelope that will allow them to resist the acid attacks of digestion, but also to be easily transported in their entirety to the cells that need them. It is known that the cell membrane is mainly made up of phospholipids (fatty acids) and that fatty acids attract each other.

    As a result, the fatty acid capsule will be captured by the cell membrane and will penetrate very easily into the heart of the cell. Numerous clinical tests show a very clear superiority of effectiveness of the active ingredients manufactured according to the liposomal approach compared to other carriers delivered in the form of capsules or capsules, or even in injection!

    In conclusion: the secret of the effectiveness of a product protected by the liposomal microsphere is that it only comes out when the sphere comes into contact with the surface of a cell. The product is then transferred through the cell membrane and delivered completely intact directly to the heart of the cell!


    Ingredients : C.J.R. (3 ml / d)

    * Sodium L-Ascorbate: 732.60 mg (88.88% vitamin C)

    * Natural sunflower lecithin: 579.00 mg (extracted from Helianthus Annuus)

    Ascorbic acid, Glycerol, Purified water.


    Flask of 109 ml.

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